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Semi Permanent Makeup Tattoos AyrshireEyeliner Tattoo. Eyebrow Tattoo. Microblading.

Professional Care & 20 years of experience

Every person is unique and I will tailor my services to your specific needs.


I have worked with faces, skin and brows for over 20 years. I am an expert in my field, and have trained in the most highly acclaimed brow academy in the world: Phi brows.


Read more about me and feel free to scrutinise my pictures and reviews; these speak for themselves. Please feel free to contact with any queries or concerns.

Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Powder Brow (soft) Soft Powder makeup effect on brows <price>£180</price>
Powder Brow - Top up in 4 weeks <price>£80</price>
Block Brow (intense) Similar look to using block pencil on brows <price>£170</price>
Hair Stroke Brow (Natural) Individual hairs tattooed using machine <price>£170</price>
Microblade Brow (Ultra Natural Look) Hair like look using hand held tool to give crisp strokes <price>£180</price>
Microblade Brow - Top up in 4 weeks <price>£80</price>
Combo Brow (mixing above techniques) Combination of microblade hair strokes and powder <price>£195</price>
Combo Brow - Top up in 4 weeks <price>£90</price>
Top ups (colour boost) Yearly boost is sometimes required <price>£80</price>
Eyeliner Tattoo (options) Normal liner, Latino Flick, Smokey Liner, Lash enhancement <price>£235</price>
Eyeliner Tattoo - Top up in 4 weeks <price>£80</price>
Eyeliner Tattoo - Top up in 8 weeks <price>£80</price>
Eyeliner Tattoo - Yearly top up <price>£100</price>

Microblade Brow Tattoo Scotland